Part 1 – A Scottish Idiot Abroad (ASIA)

“This is a story all about how, my life got turned upside down”  – Some of the infinite wisdom of The Fresh Prince of Belair, as well as a fitting introduction. The central conceits of this aforementioned story of mine are:

  • In little under 4 weeks I will be living in Germany.
  • In little under 3 months I will be living in Singapore

One, is a country who’s language I barely speak where I will be working with technology I, most likely, will not understand. The other is a country whose ethos and climate are as far removed from Scotland as the concept of salad. Though, as my friend Joseph reassured me, moving to Singapore will be just like moving to Glasgow, except they’ll speak better English than us Scots!

Tomorrow morning is my second round of immunisations for life in the Orient. During the first round I felt a character from the Scottish film Trainspotting, carrying around several hundred quid in cash with the desired end product being someone injecting me. Unfortunately, it wasn’t for a high but for a defence against my brain swelling to the size of a beachball from some, no doubt fascinating, oriental disease.

I’ve decided that the goal over the next year will be to visit 10 countries. One I’m quite set on is Cambodia, to see the Angkor Wat. I think the picture will be able to express my desire more eloquently than myself. And with that I will drift off to the Land of Nodd, I’ve heard it’s lovely this time of night. Gute Nacht jedermann.

One place I definitely want to see


One thought on “Part 1 – A Scottish Idiot Abroad (ASIA)

  1. hoyt says:

    hey your writing is wonderful, would love to see more on your blog! cheers 🙂

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