Part 5 – Evolution, Marie Curie & Llamas

Since I left you last the manky monstrosity of our oven has been somewhat rectified. The following is an account of part of the titanic struggle that will one day pass into legends of antiquity.

Firstly, do you remember PokéMon? If you do not, then kindly proceed to Option 1. If even the mention of PokéMon subjects you to a euphoric invasion of nostalgia then read on to Option 2.

Option 1:


Option 2

If you do, do Muk and Grimer awaken childhood memories? Yes? Well this is how it went…

A wild MUK appeared!


It wasn’t very effective!


It was super effective!


But it failed!


It was super effective!

MUK fainted!

GRAHAM reached Level 41! What? GRAHAM is evolving!

 *cheesy and repetitive Japanese game music*



Credit to Chris Milne

Oh PokéMon games and their one dimensional punctuation…

With part of that gargantuan task complete I’ve decided to take the train back to Elgin for a last visit home before going abroad. The only thing more predictable than Scotrail’s (Read: ScotFail’s) atronomical beverage overpricing and grumpy, soulless staff on the trip was my meeting of a weirdo. I’m not sure whether during the last couple of years, due to government austerity measures, if the Glasgow to Elgin train line has been transformed into a looney bin on rails or not but I always seem to meet some colourful characters on the locomotive.

  • The Earl of Thurso’s son, with whom, from all the kingdom of beverages, I drunk Buckfast.
  • An American actress who had a tiny part in the film “The Day After Tomorrow”
  • A woman whose great-grandfather in Paris had water poured over his head by Marie Curie, the Nobel Prize winner
  • An American whose father invented the plastic formica

Anyway today’s character was an American from Minnesota named Brie. Yes, like the cheese. However, after having an ex whose first names were Panacea and Reality I would probably have been rendered incapable of feeling any surprise even if she’d introduced herself as Duchess Pippington Dustbin Childtoucher.  She also had a pet llama. So I spent my journey learning about llamas. Standard.

Makes you realise how practically everyone in the world has some strange story or claim to fame. Not surprisingly considering how often we interact with people on a daily basis. It’s just a statistical outcome that we’ll meet these people.  Everyone has a tale to tell, if you’re prepared to excavate their consciousness a little. So, my advice to all of you, next time you’re on the train talk to that person across from you, they may well be most interesting person you’ll ever meet*.


Mr Andrew Milne takes no responsibility if the character’s “interesting” trait turns out be that they are: a murderer; terrorist; molester etc.


3 thoughts on “Part 5 – Evolution, Marie Curie & Llamas

  1. Rachel Ott says:

    “manky monstrosity” <– love the word usage!

  2. Como? says:

    Serious question: are Americans the only ones who name their kids “unique” names? I have news for them: they all end up in jail. The frequency I see “Shawqueena” and “Jaq’uad” (OK maybe not those names in particular but you get the idea) in booking is astounding. SMH.

    So don’t hark on Brie (maybe Panacea), it could be worse!

    • Not exclusively America. Just that us Scots are abusive enough to each other without the need for a catalyst like an unusual name. It would be the equivalent of a “Kick Me” sign appended permanently to your forehead in neon lettering.
      I think there’s also a feeling that it’s pretentious as it’s what a lot of celebrities. Or the kind of names you see on Jeremy Kyle (UK version of Jerry Springer iirc)…
      Remind me never to end up in jail then, a load of volatile characters with unpronounceable names… What could go wrong?

      And don’t worry, such is my love for all dairy in the phase of cheese I admired the name Brie ❤

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